All of my life I’ve been an artist. While working in the hotel industry, I realized that there was a need to provide travellers with more guidance and information about the local surroundings. I created a series of brochures, maps and guidebooks on my own motivation and they were big success! I enjoyed seeing first hand how my idea helped people as well as the company, so I chose to expand on these skills and follow a career in design.

I returned to school and worked hard to succeed and stand out in a competitive environment by always practicing, staying after class in the computer lab honing my skills, and juggling several jobs to support my endeavor.

Since then, I have successfully helped countless clients, the companies I work for, and proudly provide guidance to other designers. When I’m not working, I enjoy history, travel, bike riding, and hiking in the great outdoors.

I offer a variety of design services to clients, including but not limited to:

Logos, web designs, print designs, templates, menus, brochures, flyers, animations, advertisements, booklets, charts, banners, signs, programs, invitations, graphics, photo editing, and more. Additional designs can also be found here.

For any requests or more information, please feel free to send a message.






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