Migraine Trigger Tracker: Keep Track of Your Migraine Triggers and Discover Potential Solutions for a Better Life!

I’m excited and proud to announce that my first published book is now on sale!


This has been a labor of love and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share this book with the world. It is a book that I designed to help people track their migraines. In it, I share a little about my own experience with migraine and from there it can be used as a workbook, with checklists and questions that a person can fill out each time they have a migraine. The goal is that over time, they may discover common patterns that show what could be triggers.

My hope is that by using this book, patients can learn and gain awareness about thier own, unique situation, and this in turn may help them to avoid or reduce thier migraine symptoms to help them live better, more productive lives!


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